Nicholas Michaels
An introduction and creative portfolio for Preshil


I have a great interest in music, however I also take interest in mathematics, design, video-editing, and sound production. I live in both Fitzroy and North Melbourne, and enjoy attending local music shows and theatre when I can.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Preshil community to share my passions with like minded people.


Throughout the past few years, I’ve gotten the chance to both learn and work with incredible musicians. Originally I was focusing on, and performing, funk-infused rock. However, under the teachings of the wonderful Melbourne soul favourites Henry Jenkins, Hudson Whitlock and Darvid Thor of The Cactus Channel, I have begun to study a wide variety of music, ranging from slow jazz to funk metal.

I’m focused within both the academic and artistic aspects of musicianship, with experience in theory, score arrangement, aural, songwriting, and dexterity on multiple instruments (guitar, bass, drums and keyboard).

Throughout 2019, I collaborated with pop singer-songwriter Jedekaih, and prior to Melbourne’s first lockdown, we performed at local venues. The following video and photos were taken at a live show at the Gasometer Hotel in Fitzroy shortly before the lockdown began. The video is an entirely instrumental performance from the guitarist, drummer, and I.

I've always loved live performances, and am inspired by many of my favourite performers...and hope to reach that point at some time in my career!


Throughout Year 10, I chose to undertake a VCE Music Performance subject. Despite having no intention of furthering VCE (choosing the International Baccalaureate), I believe this was a beneficial choice as it helped me gain an understanding of performance, analysis, aural work, and composition.

The following two scores were created during VCE Music Performance Unit 1. The first score was a practice assessment, whereas the second score received a mark of 100% overall. I spent the vast majority of my time writing, however I also considered notation and functional harmony within my composition.

Practice Score (PDF) Assessed Score (PDF)

I have also exported the scores from MuseScore (so they sound a bit digital, and are not performed by me).

Listen to the Practice Score (MP3) Listen to the Assessed Score (MP3)

Learner Profile

I am excited to join the Preshil community. Changing schools at Year 11 will be challenging, but it just goes to demonstrate that I am a risk taker! I believe Preshil will help me make the most of my final years of secondary education, and push me forward with my music.

Wesley College Awards · 2018: Awarded Principal’s Honours Roll for Academic Growth · 2018: Awarded Volleyball Coaches Award 2019: Awarded Volleyball Best and Fairest · 2019: Awarded Academic Music Award for Ability in Performance


I have a constant desire to gain an understanding of academic and creative topics that is consistently demonstrated through class participation and discussion. I explore music through extensive lessons and collaboration both online and face-to-face outside of school hours.


With an open-mindedness to new topics and points of view, I bring my own unique knowledge to my classes, small group discussions and the groups I engage with outside of school. This is demonstrated through the Awards I have received from Wesley College, and my academic records.


I approach all tasks using my critical thinking skills to address problems with reasoned discussions and solutions. Producing this website for your consideration is an example of my ability to critically approach a task.


Whether through music or academically focused classes, I actively participate in class discussion with both peers and teachers. This is demonstrated through feedback in academic reports and my online presence sharing music that I’ve made and encouraging feedback.


I have a deep sense of responsibility when addressing both group tasks and individual tasks, this continues outside of school through my approach to both work and music. I have 2 part-time jobs which involve me handling money, and being responsible for the customer facing part of a business.


Whether it be with my music, learning new methods or music styles from my teachers (both at school and outside of school), or academically, I always keep an open mind to understand others’ points of view. One example of this is deciding to move to Preshil to undertake the IB in 2021!


I try hard to approach all aspects of my life, both in-school and out-of-school with kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding. This is reflected through my wonderful friendship group, my love of animals, and the assistance I offer to those who need assistance (often regarding the theoretical aspects of musicianship!).


When presented, I step towards new opportunities; an example of this is a rock opera focused band which I recently joined as a bassist. An openness to music outside my comfort zone has helped me to expand upon new ideas.


I am lucky to be able to balance many aspects of my life to help with well-being both in and out of school. My dog-walking job helps me to keep this balance!


Whether regarding music, schoolwork, balance, knowledge, or others, I am constantly reflecting upon previous actions to improve upon them. An example of this is how I record and review my music performances, reflecting with my teachers on how the performance could be different each time.

Academic Results

Whilst this year has been a challenge for all of us, I'm proud of my academic results for the past few years. The following are my last two reports for the final term of Year 9 and the first semester of Year 10.

Term 4, 2019 (PDF) Semester 1, 2020 (PDF)
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